Useful Info

Itemized Deductions

Itemizing deductions is an alternative to taking the allowable standard deduction. To calculate which method is more favorable for your individual situation, it is best to calculate your tax return both ways. A checklist is provided to help you gather and retain records of allowable deductions.

Medical & Dental Costs

Medical and dental expenses are deductible to the extent that they exceed 10%, unless 65 or over – then 7.5% of your income for the federal return and 4% for an Alabama return.  The more common expenses are:

  • adoption
  • doctor and dentist payments
  • birth control pills (prescribed)
  • medical insurance premiums
  • prescriptions
  • laser eye surgery
  • hospital payments
  • psychiatric care
  • chiropractic care
  • transportation – mileage or travel expense
  • meals and lodging related to hospital stays
  • eyeglasses, limbs, dentures, wheelchairs, hearing aids.
  • medical devices
  • medical supplies
  • handicap access devices for the disabled
  • lead based paint removal cost
  • longterm care insurance premiums
  • physician diet/health programs
  • smoking cessation program cost
  • weight loss program costs
  • organ donation costs
  • school and/or home for disabled
  • drug/alcohol treatment
  • guide dog costs